2014 special exhibit:

la dolce vita – the italian connection

As the birthplace of both Futurism (1909) and the Memphis design group (1980), Italy has often been at the forefront of modernist evolution. Some enthusiasts have even proclaimed “the Italians have always been known as the masters of design.” While that sentiment may be a bit of hyperbole, there is no underestimating the many important contributions by Italian artists, designers and architects to the good design essential to “the good life” (la dolce vita). Especially in the automotive, furniture and fashion industries, Italian design is popularly synonymous with elegance, style, and superior craftsmanship. On the heels of “The Year of Italian Culture,” 20th Century Cincinnati’s 2014 Special Exhibit examines the contribution of Italian design to “la dolce vita” in the modernist era. The exhibit will include posters, furnishings, art glass, pottery, and fashion accessories gathered from regional collectors and dealers.

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